Pool Maintenance Equipment

Maintain your pool with minimal effort. Let East Coast Pool Supply show you which products will make maintenance fast and easy.

Our stores carry the sanitizers, brushes, leaf skimmers, pool vacuums, and pH testing kits that simplify the pool cleaning process.  

When you visit an East Coast Pool Supply store, our friendly staff will help you pick a 
high-quality sanitizer that you can use to maintain proper chlorine levels in your pool. 

Our knowledgeable employees will also help you select a pH testing kit that you can use to determine if you have the right balance of chemicals in your pool water. Maintaining this balance is the key to keeping the water clean and free of algae. 

It’s also important to keep the interior surfaces of your pool clean. You can do so by using a brush to remove algae and calcium buildup from the surfaces. We can help you pick the right brush. We can also help you find a leaf skimmer and pool vacuum for removing leaves and other debris from your pool