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pool School

With pool school, you will be able to have one of our skilled technicians come out to your home and provide you with the education needed to operate and maintain your pool. If you are interested in learning how your pool works, how to clean your filter, operate your pool cleaner or learn how to maintain your pool we can help. We provide a thorough class on all aspects of pool maintenance. Just take a moment to fill out the form below and an East Coast Pool Supply representative will contact you to schedule a class, at your home, that will fit your schedule. 

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Chlorine Treatments

Chlorine shock treatments should be done regularly to neutralize potentially harmful microorganisms in pool water. These treatments are part of a process that’s sometimes referred to as shocking your pool. In this process, sanitizers are added to the water and can kill green algae, which would otherwise turn the water green. 

When allowed to grow, algae can also stain the floor of your pool. In addition, pool water with a pH level that is too high or too low can cause stains by making metals leach into the water.

Stain Removal

To remove stains from your pool, we first determine the cause of the discoloration. Then we select the correct treatment. 

Sometimes, we remove stains by balancing the pH of your pool water with the right chemicals. In other instances, we may apply specific chemicals directly to stains. We can also scrub the bottom of your pool if necessary. 

To prevent the formation of stains in your pool, we can use metal sequestrants, which are chemicals that bind metals to water.

Filter Maintenance

Filters also play an important role in keeping pools clean by removing dirt and debris that might lead to the formation of stains. 

We can clean your pool cartridge filter with a high-pressure hose nozzle, as well as with chemicals that prevent scale and calcium buildup. We can also check the o-rings on your pool pump and filter for proper functionality.

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