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Pool Lighting

Is your pool lighting keeping you from enjoying the real reason why you live in South Florida? With our warm seasonal evening temperatures and moderate winter climate, now is the perfect time to enjoy your pool investment, when the sun starts to set. As much as interior lighting can
change and accent the color and ambience of the individual living areas inside your home, so can the right Pool and Landscape Lighting. Swimming pool lights can extend your swimming day and turn your backyard into a relaxing nighttime hamlet or a stimulating entertainment oasis.

Pool Lighting Options

Technology has enhanced the experience of swimming and enjoying our pool areas at night by providing colorful and practical approaches, which light the way. Swimming pools now feature a wide assortment of lighting options and styles, mixing old favorites with all new energy saving solutions Today’s Pool and Landscape Lighting have many moods and features, which not only extend your swim time, but also challenge your creative side to think about outdoor evening activities as well as indoor. 

Incandescent Pool Lighting

Once an industry standard, Incandescent bulbs are the least expensive option
for permanent swimming pool lighting. They produce light by heating
a filament wire to a high temperature by passing an electric current through
it, until it glows. These bulbs are inexpensive and easy to replace, but are
not very energy efficient, emit a soft “dull” looking light and have a short
life span.

Halogen Pool Lighting

Halogen swimming pool lights are similar to incandescent lights. A Halogen
bulb is an incandescent bulb that has a small amount of halogen added. This
allows a halogen bulb to be operated at a much higher temperature than a
standard gas-filled lamp of similar power and operating life, producing light
of a superior brightness and color temperature, which doesn’t dim with age.
Halogen bulbs use about 20% less energy to operate, but have around the
same yearly cost, because they are priced over 4 times as much as incandescent
bulbs. Also, the small size of halogen bulbs allows installation in hard
to reach areas.

Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber Optic lights are designed so that the bulb is located in a box on top of the pool patio. The light from the bulb travels through fiber optic cable from the box to a fitting in the pool wall. This type of lighting is the most expensive to install and doesn’t offer the stark brightness of Halogen lighting. The energy efficiency of Fiber Optic lighting is similar to Halogen lighting; they both use the same type of bulb and generate a lot of heat. Fiber Optic bulbs can be changed easier, without having to be removed from the water, as they are on the pool deck. One of the main advantages to fiber optic lighting is in its use in combination with other types of pool lighting, to create an overall lighting design for your pool area. You can add light and color to your pools water features, such as fountains, deck jets, descents and even in-floor pool lighting. 

LED Pool Lighting

The latest in swimming pool lighting technology is the use of LED pool lights that can create rich, vibrant colors and beautiful light shows underwater. As compared to other lighting options, LED pool lights need only 37 watts to create the same light output as traditional light bulbs do at 161 watts, a 75% savings. LED pool lights can save you money with lower energy bills and last up to 6 times as long as typical incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs use Light Emitting Diodes instead of filaments to generate light and also run much cooler. LED color-changing lighting can be remotely controlled and offer up to seven different “Light Show” modes. 

Pool Landscape Lighting

Swimming pool landscape lighting can create ambiance, romance, mystery and delight as well as a safe nighttime environment. With full kitchens and incredible patios in South Florida backyards, homeowners are finding outdoor living spaces make their homes more appealing; backyards are becoming the new outdoor living room. There are many low voltage lighting options available, along with Fiber Optic and Gas Lights, which can enhance the landscaping around your pool and backyard living space.

Visit one of our stores to get more information on Color-changing LED landscape lighting that can be synchronized with your pool lighting for coordinated and complimentary lighting effects. With just the flip of a switch, your backyard will become the perfect gathering place for your “With full kitchens and close family and friends.